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Dr. Rebecca Rosenblatt

Assistant Professor
  • PHY 105.Sec 001 Fundamentals Of Physics
  • PHY 105.Sec 002 Fundamentals Of Physics
  • PHY 105.Sec 003 Fundamentals Of Physics
  • PHY 105.Sec 004 Fundamentals Of Physics
  • PHY 105.Sec 005 Fundamentals Of Physics
  • HON 285.Sec 009 Honors Undergraduate Research I
  • PHY 287.Sec 014 Independent Study
  • PHY 400.Sec 014 Independent Study
  • PHY 310.Sec 001 Readings For Teaching High School Physics
  • Physics Education Research (PER). Open questions in PER: What is the nature of student understanding (or misunderstanding) of a particular physics topic? How to measure student understanding? How does understanding evolve with time? What role do general cognitive mechanisms play? What is the most effective way to teach a particular topic? Why are some teaching methods better than others? How to implement instructional methods on a large scale? In the past I have worked more specifically with student understanding and learning mechanisms in relation to physics and in Assessment and Curriculum design.
  • Ph D Physics / Education Research - 2012
  • The Ohio State University
  • Columbus Ohio